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Fabbrica Affettatrici Cavaria
F.A.C. Slicers

Cason Elettrotecnica
Cason Elettrotecnica


This site is no longer operational but I keep it on-line because I cannot destroy something that took me so much time to build.


e-passport is a new Internet tool, extremely useful for penetrating Italian and foreign markets quickly and economically.

An e-passport is a full-fledged Internet site consisting of only one page and yet containing all essential information: a description of your products and your company as well as all the support needed to make your offer visible to potential customers.

Although the launching of your own e-passport site does not require significant investment of either time or money, it immediately provides you with an excellent tool for probing a new market because:
  • it includes everything necessary: content, support, services, and even publishing space on the Internet;
  • with a text in English, e-passport works as a valid and functional main site that can be put on-line instantly, while you are deciding if, when and how to develop a more complex site;
  • with a text in a foreign language, e-passport is a business card introducing you to whichever foreign markets are of most interest to you.
The structure, contents and support services of the e-passport format have been carefully designed so that the site can be constructed and published very quickly, as soon as the necessary information is available. And yet, e-passport sites are both exhaustive and of the highest quality. What's more, you get all this at a reasonable, fixed, cost with no "surprises".

The images top-left are examples of e-passport sites (click on the images to view the sites).

Finally, we suggest you go to our More Info page, where you will find more details about what to do if you do not yet have a site of your own, about the services included in an e-passport page, the information we need from you in order to create your e-passport page, etc.

About Us

An association of graphic artists, designers, publicists and translators, all of whom have many years of experience and all of whom are thoroughly familiar with the industrial world.
As part of our own constant striving for professional growth, each of us has been making use of the Internet since it first exploded around the world. Having created our own successful and productive sites, it was a natural step for us to pool our talents and skills in order to create the same advantages for our customers.

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