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There are two different e-passport prices: one price for the package in the English language: SFR 890.- and one price for the package in another language, including translation from the English: SFR 960.-  (this price is the same for any of the languages available). There are no other costs. If, on the other hand, you want other services (further personalisation of your e-passport site with a different design, more images, more pages, a new logo, etc.), tell us what you would like. Our prices are always reasonable.

The e-passport packages include:
  • "unified" page structure, with at least 5 colour-combination choices for the background;
  • the insertion of your logo and two photographs of your products and/or your company;
  • the presentation of your products and your company in English and/or translated into the language(s) of your choice, with a base text of approximately 400 words (slightly less than the page you are now reading);
  • appropriate links to your site (if you have one), to other of your e-passport pages if you have chosen more than one language, as well as all the information necessary to make it easy for visitors to find you: address, telephone, fax, e-mail
  • free hosting of the site on our space for one year, with personalised directory: name;
  • supply of all the files necessary for loading the e-passport page onto your space;
  • registration - manual and accurate - of your e-passport page with the most effective search engines in the language(s) chosen;
  • insertion of appropriate keywords;
  • post-publication assistance: minor changes to the text free-of-charge, if requested within two months of publication.
Foreign languages currently available: Italian, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Hungarian, Russian, Polish, Czech, Turkish and Greek.
We would like to point out that our translators have many years of experience and are therefore able to take care of the translating with particular skill and finesse.
Translators and editors work only in their native languages.


Construction and publishing time: approximately 2 working days after we receive your material, that is, the text and images. We will need two images and your logo. As for the text, you may send it to us in outline form, if you prefer, and we will look after developing it.
You have neither a site, a space nor a domain? No problem: you will in any case have the right to be posted, for one year, on the e-passport space and a domain name is included in the price. Your site address will be:
This may well be sufficient as a beginning, while you wait to decide if and where to acquire your own space.
Domain : a domain is a unique address assigned to one site only. It usually consists of the prefix 'www', the name chosen (if available, that is, if no one has chosen it before you), and a suffix ("it", "com", etc.). Having your own domain is not only a question of image, it also makes it easier for you to be found by potential customers.


The following is needed for the creation of your e-passport site:
  • The text you want to publish on your site
  • your logo (computer file or a good, scannable photograph);
  • two photographs of your products (computer files or good photos);
  • other information: address, telephone and fax numbers, e-mail;
  • your authorisation to process your data.

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